Anonymous attack on CBN raises panic in major Banks.

By Chidilue for Iykeman

Central bank of Nigeria

A speculated cyber attack on Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) by a group of faceless international hackers known simply as “Anonymous” on Friday night has caused great panic among banks and other financial service providers within Nigeria.

In a show of solidarity with the ongoing #EndSARS protesters in Nigeria, they reportedly carried out the attacks, and went ahead to warn about greater impending action on Nigeria in the coming days and weeks.

Earlier this same group have also hacked into DSTV and GOTv forcing a free channel to be aired and transmitted to every users.

There have been an urgent meeting between top bank executives and information and technology department over the weekend on how possible to prevent and limit the possible impact of such attacks by Anonymous.

As a background information, Anonymous is a group of hackers, which came into limelight in 2003, ever since it has claimed responsibility of major cyber attacks in retaliation to a supposedly ill behaving affecting her members. The latest is attacks on Nigeria in solidarity with #EndSARS protest and they have also threatened to “take down” websites of key public institutions in the country .

The group, also have taken over the Twitter handle of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and went ahead to post anti-SARS campaign ashtag.

However, some background checks still showed the site was up and running. Some top bank officials have claimed that the attacks never happened.

The statement from firstbank reads, “Our attention has been drawn to the tweet making the rounds on social media on shutting down of First Bank website, following a false tweet that the bank prevented its staff from joining the ongoing protests in the country.

“As the largest banking institution in Nigeria, it is not unlikely we may be seen as a target in circumstances such as these. This is rather unfortunate, as we believe far-reaching reform is necessary and we have said as much on several occasions across our platforms,” the statement read.

@YourAnonCentral, have about 5.8 million Twitter followers, and recently tweeted what looks to represent its vision and mission statement as follows, “We support the weak against the powerful and stand for justice. Our values are the following: human rights, autonomy and self-governance, resistance against tyranny, more humane society.”

However , many stakeholders in the cybersecurity and ICT spaces have warned the Federal Government to be proactive in protecting the country’s cyber space to avoid dire consequences.

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