WhatsApp to introduce a facial recognition features on Android smartphones and tablets that iPhone users have had for years.

WhatsApp Update Face ID Facial Recognition Android WABetaInfo
A new feature on the horizon for android users.
Whatsapp Messenger Application

Whatsapp team is set to roll out another outstanding features which would excite all android smartphone users. Securing your WhatsApp account from prying eyes using facial recognition is nothing new on iPhone. However Android smartphones users may soon benefit.

WHATSAPP is working on a new feature for her teeming Android users.

Android smartphone owners could soon enjoy a new way to secure their WhatsApp account …but for iPhone owners, this new feature will look very familiar. That’s because the Facebook-owned chat app looks set to use facial recognition sensors to unlock the app. That should keep your individual and group chat history away from prying eyes – even if your smartphone is unlocked.

As it stands, Android users are only able to use the fingerprint scanner on their handsets to lock the messaging service.

WhatsApp rolled-out an update in early 2019 to take advantage of the Face ID facial recognition system built into the iPhone since the launch of the back in November 2017.

When going through the latest beta version, In the new-look page, WhatsApp has replaced the Fingerprint Lock found in current versions of the app with Biometric Lock. That suggests the app will accept all biometric unlock methods used by smartphone and tablet manufacturers, including the likes or iris scanning, facial recognition, and more.

“When enabled, you’ll need to use fingerprint, face or other unique identifiers to unlock WhatsApp,” the new page explains. “You can still answer calls if WhatsApp is locked.”

We believe this would be an awesome addition and innovative especially in the aspect of increased Whatsapp privacy.

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