Breaking: Barcelona President Mr. Josep Maria Bartomeu steps down amid many crisis within the club.

Mr. Josep Maria Bartomeu

The club President of FC Bacelona has stepped down. This followed due to many calls by majority of the club’s supporters after the humiliating 8:2 defect at the hands of the FC Bayern Munich in the last semi-final of the champions league.

There were also the aspect of his roles in alledged fallout with the club’s icon Lionel Messi which almost led to his exit from the club in the past transfer window.

The tenure of Mr. Bartomeu was expected to end next year and a new round of Election conducted around march for his successor but with the current situation, an interim board would be constituted to oversee the club affairs.

About 20,687 votes were gathered for his removal and that probably forced him and his backroom team to step aside for the club to redefine its objectives as it enters into a busy period of back to back matches.

Bacelona is expected to file out against Juventus in the next champions league round of matches.

Please ensure you leave a comment on what you think about this sudden resignation of Mr. Joseph bartomeu and his staff.

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