US Election 2020: Facebook to alert all users about fake news, electoral college holds the key to eventual winner.

The leading social media site Facebook has alerted its users the possibility of fake news with regards to the United States Election 2020.

It made this known with respect to any scenario in which any of the presidential hopefuls decides to declare himself winner of the polls.

The labels will advise Facebook users that votes are still being counted and that the election has not yet been projected. The labels will also point users to accurate election updates.

Here are the prototype of such labels as obtained by @IYKEMAN.

The election result is expected to become more clearer in the later hours of Wednesday. Also the electoral college is expected to provide its own data. As a brief information, the United States of America operates an electoral college system. What it means is that a candidate despite winning a majority of popular votes may still loss the election. For any candidate to emerge winner, such must gather atleast 270 votes from the electoral college.

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