Breaking: US Election Results Update, Mr. Trump on course to winning majority electoral college in swing (Battleground) states.

Incumbent President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump battles it out with the Democratic Challenger Mr. Joe Biden in a Historic Election 2020.

This years United States of America election has been one of the most unpredictable in recent era. From the earliest results that came in, the US associated media are projecting wins for the Republican incumbent so far in Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia — all states he won in 2016. Biden has captured Vermont and Virginia.

However, right now, the election seems to be going to wire. The major battle ground States seems to be firmly held by the incumbent president Mr. Donald trump. While Mr. Joe Biden seems to be dragging foot on those critical and crucial areas.

From the live updates so far, incumbent Mr. President Trump seems to be in ascendancy in States which commands high number of electoral college votes. Such cities as; Georgia(16), Michigan(16), North Carolina(15), Pennsylvania(20), Florida(29), IOWA(6), Ohio(18), Texas(38). While Mr. Biden is holding out a lead in Nevada(6), Wincostin(10), Arizona(11) and New Hampshire(4).

Meanwhile the total electoral college votes tallied at the moment is Trump 213, while Biden leads with 238. IYKEMAN however reports same scenario happened in 2016 between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Hilary Clinton who had held early electoral college votes lead until Mr. Trump eventually emerged.

However if Mr. Trump maintain these leads in those battle ground states, then his accumulated electoral votes might be about 283 votes bearing any last minutes upset. For Mr. Biden, if no improvement on his current performances in those battle ground states then we might as well call it a day.

As a brief, a total of 270 electoral college votes are expected to be emersed by the eventual winner of the election. While the popular votes may still be counted in days however it does not affect the outcome.

Both candidates are however doing very well in their respective strongholds. Democratics are expected to retain the house of Representatives majority while Republicans are expected to hold firm on the Senate.

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