5 Reasons Why YouTube May never Monetize Your Channel.

In 2018, YouTube reviewed many of its terms and conditions of use especially the aspect that concerned monetization of contents. This came as a blow to many video creators who had their hopes up to make money on YouTube in 2019. Now the bar has been raised that much higher, and many are discouraged about the additional time and effort it will require to qualify.

there are tons of YouTubers trying to get monetized, so it’s not surprising that the staff at YouTube might simply be swamped with requests. So it just might take a while for some to get approved.

But some of you will probably never get approved until you make big changes to your content and to your entire approach to making money on YouTube.

So here are five(5) big reasons why your YouTube channel might never get monetized. Are you making any of these common YouTube mistakes or about to make those mistakes?.

Read on for what might prevent you to make money now or in future.

1. Your Channel Doesn’t Meet the Current monetization Criteria.

YouTube have helped so many people make some decent incomes off the internet in recent years. Many content creators smile to bank on weekly and monthly basis and it’s very refreshing seeing your huzzle pay big time.

First of all, let’s make sure that you really understand the current YPP monetization requirements. As of this writing, there are two of those:

  1. 1,000 subscribers
  2. 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 365 days

The 1,000 subscribers is difficult to misunderstand—though there might be some caveats that will cause you problems. But for the most part, either you have 1,000 subscribers or you don’t.

If you’ve submitted your monetization request before hitting that number, it’s unlikely that you will be approved quickly. In fact, it’s possible that your request could be rejected and then you’d have to resubmit and wait through the whole process all over again.

2. You have Content that is Not Original.

Another problem area that is rampant on YouTube—and on the internet in general—is the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials. You’ve likely seen tons of YouTube channels out there that upload video clips of TV shows, movies, business conferences, and other content that someone else created.

Many creators are under the impression that all they have to do is include a Fair Use Act disclaimer in the video description or in the comments section, and all is good. However YouTube doesn’t view it that way. So try as much as possible to remain true to your content or reachout to originators for prior approval of some select contents before use.

3. You Buy Followers and engage in subscribing to other Youtubers in exchange for them subscribing back to you.

For those who don’t know, subscribing to other YouTubers in exchange for them subscribing back to you—or with the intention of them subbing back out of courtesy—is a practice known as sub4sub. Also called followback or follow/unfollow, it’s been one of the most popular and most abused methods for growing accounts across all social media platforms for the past several years.

And YouTubers do it all the time, thinking that it’s a legit way to grow a channel and qualify for Google ads.

In reality, sub4sub is a blatant violation of YouTube’s terms of service (TOS). That means that when YouTube catches you participating in sub4sub, you won’t get monetized (or your YouTube channel will get demonetized). You will get a TOS strike against your account. And you might even get your account closed immediately.

4. You Spam to Get Traffic and Ad Clicks.

Just as acquiring subscribers in spammy ways is prohibited, getting traffic in spammy ways is also frowned upon and could prevent your videos from being monetized. It can even get your account shut down.

There are legitimate ways to get organic traffic such as using popular keywords and tags, sharing your videos on social media, and things like that. Many YouTubers even buy Google ads to push traffic to their videos and channel pages right there within the YouTube platform.

5. Your Content Violates YouTube TOS.

Prohibited content is another problem that could prevent you from making money with your videos. As noted above, copyrighted content that someone else made is not allowed. But original content that you made yourself can also violate YouTube’s TOS.

Content that promotes hate or violence—and content that depicts acts of violence—can get you demonetized or deleted.

Content that promotes alcohol, drugs, and firearms is also likely to get you demonetized. Google’s own TOS for its AdSense program already forbids these types of content, so you can’t expect them to place their ads on your videos if you violate their TOS.

So you have it here. Ensure you follow the rules and get monetized as soon as possible. There are many opportunities on the internet the least you should be thinking about now is cutting corners. Even if you contemplate that try to be smarter about it and understand all relevant terms and conditions that comes with it. Good Luck!

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