Pharmacy to the World; how India emerged the Pharmaceutical hub of the Globe.

Indian Flag.

India is the second most populous country, and the seventh largest country by land area in the world. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with Pakistan  to the west; China, Nepal and Bhutan to the North. With. Bangladesh and Myanmar on the East side. 

Pharmacy to the world”, how does it come about?

In recent research and documentation of the Pharmaceutical activities in most of the Indian companies, the available recent record indicated that India exported pharmaceutical products worth about $4 billion to Africa in 2015. And in this outgoing 2020, indicators are pointing to the fact that despite the Pandemic and global lockdowns, the numbers of drug exports from India have jumped to an all time high of $10 billion. Africa being one of the major customers of the Indian Pharma Manufacturers, the generic import from India is expected to keep growing at 25-30 per cent per year in the next two(2) years.

Coupled with the fact that for over 120 years, the Indian pharma industry has actively played a vital role in generic manufacture and exports of drugs to almost across all countries and as such many experts have termed them ‘the pharmacy of the worlddue to its vital role in delivering cost-effective and high-quality generic drugs globally.

The history of HIV/AIDS in Africa in the year 2001 makes a big impressions in the hearts of many. At the time, Sub-Saharan Africa was facing a major health crisis, it had 22.5 million HIV-positive people. Compounding the woes, the price of patented drugs supplied by western drug companies was at an extremely high price as much as $10,000 per patient per year. Giving the low income earning powers of plenty African countries many Government and Non governmental shareholders battling with the challenge were cought off-guard and confused.

But not until Cipla, an Indian pharmaceutical company, came for the rescue and produced a generic version of the same HIV/AIDS drug at a much lower price at $400 invariably dealing a heavy blow to European and American manufacturers. Immediately, other several Indian generic drug manufacturing companies followed suit and several hundreds of thousands of lives were saved in Africa.

What you should know.

The leading Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in india are the; Sun Pharmaceutical, Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Cipla and plenty others. Without these players, many African countries would not have been able to cope with the public health challenges consistently being faced.

What you must know.

The common drug importers from India among the African countries are; South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania. However, In recent times attention have also shifted to other countries for drugs needs such as Israel, Japan and China. Now Indian Pharma companies are facing issues of patent especially from the united States and European big Pharma companies. However, that is being kicked against by world leading NGOs.

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