Big Data and Big Data Technology; what you must know.

Big Data.

Big data is simply data or combinations that can be holistically analysed in computationally manners to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. It is often used to describe a collection of data that is huge or big in size with enormous potential to exponentially grow with time. In most instances it is used or employed while trying to relate to some innate human behaviour and interactions in the course of a set activity.

Big Data analytics are used in plenty fora such as in stock exchanges, social media sites, etc. It helps the organizations to create new growth opportunities and to leverage on it to prophesy the upcoming trends and how to adjust accordingly.

It offers these companies good information about their products and services, and gives them insight about buyers, suppliers, and consumer preferences that can be gathered and help the company to meet those needs.

Big Data Technology.

Big data tool includes those tech software used to extract information from a large number of data generators with the capacity to also process these complex data and bring about deep insight on the product and services. On a normal scenario, a large amount of data is very difficult to process in traditional databases. It brings the need for an advanced tool to be used and manage those data more easily. Then comes the technology. It is the emerging Big data technology that has greatly simplified these processes making it less hassle while delivering massive accurate results in just in time bases.

What you should know.

Coding or such related skills are extremely  essential in the Big Data mastering. This makes the analytical job much easier to carry out. In fact it’s becoming almost impossible to become a Big Data analytics expert without having different kind of coding skills in the kit. You need to code to conduct numerical and statistical analysis with enormous data sets. Few of the coding languages you should learn and invest time and money in mastering are Python, Java, and C++ etc.

In the big data ecosystem it is generally said that, the bigger the dataset, the better the results. This is because these quantum amount of data when analysed and it gives a repeated pattern, it shows that the probability of such repeatation occurring multiple times in future is high. Hence a good company would pay attention to it and watch out.

For example, in an ecommerce store, the website collects plenty information from the traffic inflows ranging from the referring sites, time the visitors spent on site, bounce rate, landing page, visitor flow, videos watched, clicks and even the demographics of the visitors etc. They track this information on a person-by-person basis; consequently, over a span of a few years when this data becomes so enourmouse they can then build a massive dataset that cannot be handled by traditional methods. At this point, it’s generally seen in the light of Big data and a specialised skills set and software (Big Data Technology) is then used to store and analyse such data to generate insight for business services of the company.

What you must know.

Companies collect data about their customers in so many ways such as;

1) Asking them directly for it.

2) indirectly tracking them.

3) By acquiring it from other companies.

Most company will be asking customers directly for data  verbally or via some online surveys and questionnaire. This often happens as the company is about setting out so the task is still very little to handle. However, as the demand and the relationship between both the company and customers mature, the other avenues are often explored indirectly to getting such behavioural data for processing. But in recent times, there is now an emerging Big data companies specialising in such massive data gatherings and analytics so the company can devote more time into other ventures while paying or acquiring these data from the analytics companies and experts. These Big Data companies use the Big Data Technology to get this task done.

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