Anthony Jushua and Tyson Fury to pocket $100M each in the upcoming bout.

Anthony Jushua and Tyson Fury.

The all British bout involving Anthony Jushua and Tyson Fury would ultimately result to a whooping $100 Million USD for both fighters organisers have said. The fight is expected to happen in Saudi Arabia With Singapore, Dubai, Qatar and China also staking their claims, later in the year bearing any last minutes changes.


We have a location, that’s true,’ Arum told Barbershop Conversations. “We have a location and, as far as the date is confirmed, we haven’t zeroed in on a date.

“It could be as late as June because it would give more time to solve the coronavirus problem. By June, most people will be vaccinated, so it’s possible.


“And then we would do the fight, pay-per-view in the UK and pay-per-view early evening in the United States.”

Mr Arum added further, “The Joshua vs Fury fight will earn each of the guys close to $100m. Each of the guys.

“It is the biggest fight in history in the UK, not even close. Around the world it is the biggest fight that people wanna see.”


What you should know.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn had previously admitted that the fight won’t take place in the UK because of the coronavirus crisis, with the Middle East being discussed as one of a number of possible destinations.

What you must know.

This all British fight would be one of its kind in the entire history of the sport. Currently, Mr. Fury is the world undisputed Champion. A win for AJ would switch the global boxing No 1 to him making him an undisputed Champion and ultimately ending Gypsy King reign who destroyed Deontay Wilder in his last bout.


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