Breaking: Cryptocurrency Robbers of #Kucoin has been unmasked.

The flagship Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The FinTech and cryptocurrency trading platform #Kucoin chief executive Mr. Jonny Lyu has said that the internet robbers behind the theft of its cryptocurrency worth more than $204Million USD has be found.

He made this known through series of tweets to its followers and fans. The tweets reads;


“After a thorough investigation, we have found the suspects of the 9.26 KuCoin Security Incident with substantial proof at hand. Law enforcement officials and police are officially involved to take action.


With great support from our partners of the industry, another $64 million in assets are now out of the control of the suspicious addresses, bringing the total value to $204 million since KuCoin is coming back to fully functional. My team and I will continue to do our best to offset the impact of the incident.

As of now, a total of 31 tokens have opened deposit & withdrawal services, and more tokens including $BTC, $ETH, and $USDT will follow. After the hack, crypto projects worked to freeze or render useless most of the assets. Many teams updated their blockchain to make this happen.”

What you should know.

As it stands now, about 72% of the total hack, is out of the control of the suspicious addresses according to Mr. Lyu which is worth an overall estimate of about $204 million worth of cryptocurrency. With this, #Kucoin have proposed resumption of its trading while giving investors hope of hedging against any future hacks.


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