Web 1.0: Front end and back end web development, what you should know.

Web development.

By, Geofrey kenny.

When it comes to Programming, a lot of efforts and skills are involved. There have been a great shift in the way professionals who wants to take this route could navigate. And in recent times, three common career tracks is increasingly becoming the order of the day such as; front end web development, and back end web development then full stack developer.

What you should know.

Front end web development simply involves the aspect of website design that codes and creates front end elements of a website. These are those features that are directly viewable and accessible by the end-user or client. Essentially, a front end developer is responsible for everything you see and works to enhance the user experience, ensuring it is seamless and with a good layout. In a nutshell if your aim is to improve the aesthetic look of your website, then a front end developer is your go person for such job.


What are the tools to master.

As a prospective FE developer, you would be dealing with several visual components on a website as well as interactive features like navigation, buttons, or anything that enhances overall usability. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

So here are skills you must have.

A good grasp of front end programming languages. The ability to create a responsive design. A knowledge of testing and debugging. An understanding of front end development tools and features like automation, content management systems etc.

Back End Development in simple terms.

In contrast to front end development, which focuses on customer-facing products and programs, back end development addresses server-side web application logic and integration. Back end developers write code to help a database and application communicate. Essentially, a back end developer handles what you don’t see; they are in charge of the back end of a website, which includes servers, databases, and applications.


Some of the skills required for back end developer jobs include:

Database management, Framework utilization, Programming, Knowledge of accessibility and security compliance.

Back end development requires more advanced programming languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python. Etc

A full stack developer in contrast does some or all of the above. So basically he is a jack of all trade and master of all😀

So you have it up! Dive in and pursue any of these skill set it may come handy some day, you know!

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