Stock market 101: what you should know.

Stock Market.

Stock market is sometimes called the equity market or simply the share market. It is in the most basic of terms an aggregation or coming together of both the buyers and sellers of stocks which means ownership or claim of stake in a business.


The investment in stock market is often done through a licensed and recognised stockbroker or through a brokerage platforms which could be electronic or physical. For you to be very successful in the stock market investment, you must have an investment strategy in mind. And basically what you try to observe in every stock trading is the price movements. The aim why people buy stock is to make profit. So you basically look out for when the stock is going up or when it’s on a lossing trend. It is a very volatile market and you can win very big in a moment and loss very big the following seconds.

What you should know.

  1. Ensure your risk per trade at a time is either in 1% or 5% respectively. This will help reduce danger of lossing all at a time.
  2. Do just one trade at a time. Sometimes you maybe carried away and then decides to enter the market multiple times. At any point in time avoid such urge.

So you have it. We will be going deeper with time on some major things to watchout for as an expert or newbie in this stock market Business.

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