The legendary Chinua Achebe’s advise to beginner writers.

One of the most accomplished African writer and literary genius Chinua Achebe has one important advice for all beginner writers. The central point is strive for quality content first before quantity.

Achebe was born Albert Chinụalụmọgụ Achebe, on 16 November 1930 and died in 21 March 2013. He was a Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, and critic. His first novel Things Fall apart was published in 1958, and often considered his masterpiece is the most widely read book in modern African Literature. 

Achebe has few advice for those willing to toe the path of writing. In his word;

“Most writers who are beginners, if they are honest with themselves, will admit that they are praying for a readership as they begin to write. But it should be the quality of the craft not the audience, that should be the greatest motivating factor. For me, at least, I can declare that when I wrote THINGS FALL APART I couldn’t have told anyone the day before it was accepted for publication that anybody was going to read it. There was no guarantee; nobody ever said to me, Go and write this, we will publish it and we will read it; it was just there. But my brother-in-law who was not a particularly voracious reader, told me that he read the novel through the night and it gave him a terrible headache the next morning. And I took that as an encouraging endorsement!
The triumph of the written word is often attained when the writer achieves union and trust with the reader, who then becomes ready to be drawn deep into unfamiliar territory, walking in borrowed literary shoes so to speak, toward a deeper understanding of self or society, or of foreign peoples, cultures and situations.”

Chinua Achebe, There Was a Country:

So you have it up. Follow your dream and most importantly follow the advice above. Quality above Quantity. is here for your education and entertainment. We will be lunching our online webinar series very soon. Follow and like this page to stay in the loop. Drop a comment below.

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