Breaking NEWS: Lagos State Government declares 24-hr Curfew Restricts movement to only essential services amid #EndSars protest.

Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu

The Lagos State Government has declared 24-hr Curfew and restricted movement to only essential services amid #EndSars protest.

The announcement was made few hours ago via series of tweets personally viewed by @iykeman

There have been cases of violence in the state while the protests against police brutality persisted.

There is now a growing view that hoodlums are exploiting the situation to carryout looting and unleash mayhem on the law abinding citizens.

It was alleged that on Monday, operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the state police command were attacked and some vehicles burnt.

And on Tuesday, a police station at Orile-Iganmu was set ablaze and several equipment was suspected to be carted away. Iykeman had earlier reported how group of hackers termed anonymous are threatening to shutdown all financial institutions in the country in solidarity for #EndSars Protest .

As a result of this ugly incidence, the governor, in his verified Twitter handle, said the curfew takes effect from 4pm on Tuesday and limited all movement to only essential services.

“Dear Lagosians, I have watched with shock how what began as a peaceful #EndSARS protest has degenerated into a monster that is threatening the well-being of our society. Lives and limbs have been lost as criminals and miscreants are now hiding under the umbrella of these protests to unleash mayhem on our State,” the tweet read in part.

“As a government that is alive to its responsibility and has shown a commitment to the movement #ENDSARS, we will not watch and allow anarchy in our dear state.

“I, therefore, hereby impose a 24-hour curfew on all parts of the State as from 4pm today, 20th October, 2020.

“Nobody, except essential service providers and first responders must be found on the streets.” he concluded.

The #EndSars protest has been raging for some weeks now. We are yet to see the end of this however we hope the protesters and the government would reach a compromise soonest.

Please drop your comments and let us know what you think about the #EndSars protest.

Anonymous attack on CBN raises panic in major Banks.

By Chidilue for Iykeman

Central bank of Nigeria

A speculated cyber attack on Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) by a group of faceless international hackers known simply as “Anonymous” on Friday night has caused great panic among banks and other financial service providers within Nigeria.

In a show of solidarity with the ongoing #EndSARS protesters in Nigeria, they reportedly carried out the attacks, and went ahead to warn about greater impending action on Nigeria in the coming days and weeks.

Earlier this same group have also hacked into DSTV and GOTv forcing a free channel to be aired and transmitted to every users.

There have been an urgent meeting between top bank executives and information and technology department over the weekend on how possible to prevent and limit the possible impact of such attacks by Anonymous.

As a background information, Anonymous is a group of hackers, which came into limelight in 2003, ever since it has claimed responsibility of major cyber attacks in retaliation to a supposedly ill behaving affecting her members. The latest is attacks on Nigeria in solidarity with #EndSARS protest and they have also threatened to “take down” websites of key public institutions in the country .

The group, also have taken over the Twitter handle of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and went ahead to post anti-SARS campaign ashtag.

However, some background checks still showed the site was up and running. Some top bank officials have claimed that the attacks never happened.

The statement from firstbank reads, “Our attention has been drawn to the tweet making the rounds on social media on shutting down of First Bank website, following a false tweet that the bank prevented its staff from joining the ongoing protests in the country.

“As the largest banking institution in Nigeria, it is not unlikely we may be seen as a target in circumstances such as these. This is rather unfortunate, as we believe far-reaching reform is necessary and we have said as much on several occasions across our platforms,” the statement read.

@YourAnonCentral, have about 5.8 million Twitter followers, and recently tweeted what looks to represent its vision and mission statement as follows, “We support the weak against the powerful and stand for justice. Our values are the following: human rights, autonomy and self-governance, resistance against tyranny, more humane society.”

However , many stakeholders in the cybersecurity and ICT spaces have warned the Federal Government to be proactive in protecting the country’s cyber space to avoid dire consequences.

I was also a victim of brutalization by #SARS operatives – Deputy Gov. Oyo State.

Deputy Gov. Oyo State
The ENDSARS Protesters campaign Symbol.

By Chidilue

The number two citizen of Oyo State Ibadan Governor Rauf Olaniyan has painfully narated his ordeals in the hands of the recently disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives .

The Deputy Governor, who also joined the protesters to call for a ban of the SARS, said he was brutalised on two different occasions with both experiences very hard to forgot.

Speaking over the weekend, Olaniyan said his two encounters, happened in Lagos. “I was a victim twice, once at Ikeja roundabout and at Ojota ramp when you want to negotiate around Ikorodu road to the express.

“Ask my driver. We were ransacked there. What only saved me was the fact that I had some money with me. I had to part with over a hundred thousand naira. It was terrible.

“That of Ikeja, they took Pounds sterlings, they took dollar notes, all the money I had because I was travelling. I was eager to go and catch my flight, they emptied me.

When confronted with possible solutions, he said: “It is not only EndSARS but we need complete police reformation. Some of them are very nice, good, decent and even professionals.

“I even pleaded with them that I planned to spend the foreign currencies when I get to my destination, they said people there that I was going to meet will take care of me. They were very very notorious.”

“But some of them may not even be in SARS outfit but they behave just like them, so what we need is a complete police reformation.

“If they disband SARS, they should be retrained on how to relate and deal with civil society.” he submitted.

Earlier, the #ENDSARS protesters are staging a massive movement in what many regarded as unprecedented in the history of Nigeria. The protesters are youths who are demanding for immediate police reform. The Government had disbanded the SARS unit, however that has not dissuaded them as they insist immediate justice to the victims and their families.

Why I Refused to Sleep on Any Male Housemates Bed During the show- Nengi


Former Big Brother Naija Season 5 housemate, Nengi has given an insight as why she never went to bed with any female housemate during the show.

 During an interview with Hero Daniels, she emphasised how that she set rules while in the show maybe to protect herself from failing into temptations.

She also added that though she played a lot with many male housemates while in the show, however she was careful enough to alway keep the friendship what it was casual.


In her Interview She said;

“The housemates felt I needed each person and that is insane. How might I need each person and still not be with anyone in the house? I never rested on any man’s bed.


Indeed, even as close as me and Ozo was, I actually attempted to define a limit. I could play with individuals yet for me, there would consistently be limits and no one can cross them. Be that as it may, individuals misinterpreted it.


They felt since I played with the folks, I probably needed them. That was the greatest confusion individuals had about me. Truly, that was one reason I went for Big Brother in any case.

I needed to address the confusion that I was only a fine face. What’s more, I believe I rectified that idea.”

Hopefully we believe the idea was well clarified now, however many of her fans and admirers are still of the opinion that while in the house, she was just more than a friend to Ozo.

We are however yet to know if that is true.

Federal Government making Jokes of #EndSars Demand- Wike

#ENDSARS in Rivers rally: What Wike told Rivers protesters

The highly combative Governor of Rivers State Barrister Nyesome Wike have taken exemption to a supposed non challant altitude of the Federal government to the demands of #EndSars protesters.

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has reacted to the direction of the National Economic Council, NEC that state governors should immediately establish state-based special security and human rights committee to supervise the newly formed police tactical units and all other security agencies.

In his recent reaction, the governor said the Federal Government is trivialising the demands of the ENDSARS protesters by directing state governors to take charge of Tactical Commands of the Police.

According to Wike; “State Governors cannot take charge of Tactical Commands because they cannot employ or discipline anyone.

“Now the  Federal Government wants us to set up another commission of inquiry when the report of the last one we set up was not implemented.

“I acted on intelligence to ensure that #EndSARS protest in Port Harcourt was not hijacked by miscreants. If I did not support it, I would not have addressed the protesters who are demanding a change in the way the Federal Government conducts the affairs of the country.”

According to NEC, the panels, which should be chaired by a respected retired State High Court Judge, should include representatives of youths, students, civil society organizations.

The idea of the Special Security and Human Rights Committee in all states of the Federation and the FCT, according to NEC, is to ensure that police formation and other security agencies in the state consistently protect the human rights of citizens.

Members of the special committee would also include representatives of youths, and civil society, while the head of Police tactical units in each of the state would also be a member of the committee.

We are yet to see an end to this protest that have crippled major economic hub of the country. The protest has also taken some negative dimension as there are many clahes between the law enforcement officers and the protesters.

Big brother Naija Ex Beauty Queen Nengi Clarifies her age Claim.

Some fans didn’t quite believe the former Big Brother Naija housemate age after she revealed her age when she was in the Big Brother house. While in the house plenty people doubted her claimed age saying it was all lies and fake.

However , Nengi seems to have quashed all this fake news and finally shown her real age in her international passport as evidence for people who found her age and body a mismatch and claimed that she is older than the age she claimed to be.

She sent a photo of her passport on social media which shows that she was born on January 1, 1998, making her 22 years of age. See the Passport below and verify it yourselves. lol

Here are some reactions which some claimed the passport is fake and that she was lying even after sharing the Passport;

Now We believe she has clarified all the grey areas. Some are still claiming it was all stunt. However the Passport which we have reliably gathered was issued in the year 2017. Currently the extremely beautiful Nengi is now in UK for a well deserved holiday and of course to put pen on some deals and endorsements.


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A New Way to Publish Your Blog Posts Simultaneously as Twitter Threads — The Blog

The Extraordinary People.

Time is the greatest Asset manage.

Often times in our lives we meet so many people with such a huge talent and great achievements in their career with seemingly an aura of invincibility and less stress.

We begin to contrast it with so many visibily well stressed and supposedly hardworking folks who seems to despite their continuous efforts have very little to no success whatsoever.

To some persons, it may look as though the world is unfair. However I have studied thorns of hundreds of very successful people and have come to realise what actually was the most distinguishing factor.

These two personalities have all it takes to achieve success but the bitter experience is that one is doing exploits while the other is merely surviving.

I have also come to realised that to become extraordinary, you must be willing to go the extra mile. Both in business, careers, politics and most importantly entertainment. Here is therefore a few must do tips to help you belong to this elite league of Extraordinary People.

  1. You must be very deliberate in your quest to achieve success.
  2. You must be well determined to scale up your potential (Continuous education).
  3. You must be willing to pay the price.
  4. You must pay great attention to your forerunners in any field you’re interested in.
  5. You must have a mentor that has achieved similar success in your area of interest.

These are just few must do tips. I will be taking you on a more deeper ways as we progress. You can reach us on any of our social handles. Also please ensure you subscribe so you don’t miss anything. Do leave a comment and I would be glad to interact.

Have a Great Day Ahead!!!

The Great Berlin

Berlin, the largest city of the German empire, the capital of the kingdom of Prussia”.

1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 3

By Amaka.

Berlin had been part of the province of Brandenburg since 1815. On 1 April 1881, the city became Stadtkreis Berlin, a city district separate from Brandenburg. On 27 April 1920, the greater Berlin Act was passed by the Prussian Parliament and it came into effect on 1 October of the same year. The then new Prussian Province termed Greater Berlin acquired territories from the province of Brandenburg and consisted many towns and cities.

The act increased the area of Berlin 13 times from 66km2 (25sweet mi) to 883km3 (341sweet mi) and the population doubled from approximately 1.9 million to near 4 million with almost 1.2 million of the new inhabitants coming from the 7 surrounding towns alone.

Greater Berlin was then subdivided into 20 boroughs. Through same law it became possible to implement integrated town planning across the whole of Greater Berlin. The Act was an important foundation for the rise of Berlin to a cultural centre of Europe in the 1920.

Apart from the minor changes, the city boundary defined in the Law is still the same as today even though its character has changed several times over the years. Originally a mere municipal boundary, it became a demarcation line between occupation zones after 1945 and part of the iron Curtain after 1949, with the Berlin Wall on some of its length between 1961 and 1990. Since the Reunification of Germany, it’s now the border between the German state of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Culled from: Greater Berlin Act.

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