Yosemite National Park in California a UNSECO World Heritage Site since 1984.

By Okechukwu.

The mother nature in almost everytime refers or is attributed to the mother earth. The earth as a great work of art houses and accommodates everything both living and non living just as the mother would do. The hills, oceans; seas, Animals, cloud, trees, grasses, etc all adorn the earth crust.

It nurtures and a personification of all of the natures beauty. The word nature comes from a Latin word “natura”, meaning birth or character. In English it was first used in 1266. As a concept which embodies both the divinity and humanity, it can be traced to ancient Greece although Earth or “Eorthe” may have been personified as a goddess.

In later medieval Christian thinkers did see nature as inclusive of everything and postulate it with the divine creation by God.

The Roman Epicurean poet lucretius opens his didactic poem “De rerum natura” by addressing Venus as a verifiable mother nature. He uses Venus as a personified symbol for the generative aspect of nature.

Algonquian legend says that ” beneath the clouds lives the Earth mother from whom is derived the water of life, who at her blossom feeds plants, animals and humans”. She is otherwise known as Nokomis, the Grandmother.

In Inca mythology, Mama Pacha or Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. Pachamama is usually translated as mother earth but a more literary translations would be “mother Universe”.

In prehispanic culture, respect and Faith in mother nature is regarded as paramount to living in full harmony as humans.

In the nutshell, mother nature means many things to many people. To some, it symbolises peace and divinity to others it just a work of art made by God. Irrespective of what it is to varying people, one time is certain. Ensure you contribute maximally to keeping it safe and secure for the coming generations after that way others would experience it’s enormous beauty and keep praising and the creator.

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