The legendary Chinua Achebe’s advise to beginner writers.

One of the most accomplished African writer and literary genius Chinua Achebe has one important advice for all beginner writers. The central point is strive for quality content first before quantity.

Achebe was born Albert Chinụalụmọgụ Achebe, on 16 November 1930 and died in 21 March 2013. He was a Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, and critic. His first novel Things Fall apart was published in 1958, and often considered his masterpiece is the most widely read book in modern African Literature. 

Achebe has few advice for those willing to toe the path of writing. In his word;

“Most writers who are beginners, if they are honest with themselves, will admit that they are praying for a readership as they begin to write. But it should be the quality of the craft not the audience, that should be the greatest motivating factor. For me, at least, I can declare that when I wrote THINGS FALL APART I couldn’t have told anyone the day before it was accepted for publication that anybody was going to read it. There was no guarantee; nobody ever said to me, Go and write this, we will publish it and we will read it; it was just there. But my brother-in-law who was not a particularly voracious reader, told me that he read the novel through the night and it gave him a terrible headache the next morning. And I took that as an encouraging endorsement!
The triumph of the written word is often attained when the writer achieves union and trust with the reader, who then becomes ready to be drawn deep into unfamiliar territory, walking in borrowed literary shoes so to speak, toward a deeper understanding of self or society, or of foreign peoples, cultures and situations.”

Chinua Achebe, There Was a Country:

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Flutterwave made history, closes a $170 USD Series C funding round, the largest amount ever secured by an African FinTech.

The African FinTech Start-up giant Fluttawave have secured an unprecedented amount in a serial C round of funding totalling about $170 USD which turned out to be a pacesetter amongst equals.

In 2017, flutterwave had raised US $10Million in Series A and an extension round was done 2018 then last year, a total of $35 USD was raised in serial B early January. It has now added to that funding with a record-breaking Series C round worth US$170 million, which takes the value of the company to over US$1 billion.

Leading the pack is US-based investment firms Avenir Growth, Tiger Capital , Green Visor Capital, Greycroft Capital, Insight Ventures, PayPal, Salesforce Ventures, Tiger Management, and WorldpayFIS 9yards Capital. 

What you should know.

Flutterwave has an active presence in 11 African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa, and at the time of its Series B just over one year ago had processed 100 million transactions valued at over US$5.4 billion.

What you must know.

Flutterwave was lunched in 2016 and build modern payments technology and infrastructure for Africa to enable people and businesses to connect with the global economy. Its solution enables banks and merchants to replace multiple payment integrations with one simple API, which enables processing of any form of payment anywhere in Africa.

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Amazon Go first cashierless store in UK: what you should know.

Amazon Stores

Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores in the United States based in Seattle Washington US. As of 2020, there are 27 open and announced store locations in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and New York City. This is in addition to numerous other important ventures in its big portfolios.

Amazon first cashierless debut in UK; what they are saying.

Amazon company said it will debut a 2,500-square foot Amazon Fresh-branded store in London on Thursday. The store, like its U.S. couunterparts, will use an array of cameras and other sensors to track shoppers as they pull items off the shelves, and charges a credit card on file after they exit. The stores represent the retail and technology giant’s biggest effort to reshape physical retailing. Amazon is also offering to license the system, which it calls Just Walk Out technology, to other companies.

Amazon as a company focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is one of the biggest companies in the United States of America and sits at same level with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and facebook. 

Cashierless store, what you should know.

Cashierless stores are the new disruptive concept in the retail space that is fast catching up and gradually gaining traction in the market. One of the main advantage of cashierless is its seamless and convenient shopping experience it offers the customers. It removes all bureaucracy associated with shopping.

It works by using the same types of technologies found in self-driving cars, such as computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. This technology can detect when products are taken or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in your virtual cart. It also uses a combination of ceiling-mounted cameras and shelf-weight sensors to automatically track customers and items as they move around the stores. Once someone has finished their shopping, they can walk out of the store without needing to scan anything or interact with a cashier.

What you must know.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington, on July 5, 1994. It started as an online marketplace for books but expanded to sell electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. Amazon Go Grocery accept many common payment methods, but are optimized for cards such as Visa, MasterCards, American Express, Etc. Recently, Amazon is trying out possibilities of accepting cryptocurrency as part of its payment methods.

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Stock market 101: what you should know.

Stock Market.

Stock market is sometimes called the equity market or simply the share market. It is in the most basic of terms an aggregation or coming together of both the buyers and sellers of stocks which means ownership or claim of stake in a business.


The investment in stock market is often done through a licensed and recognised stockbroker or through a brokerage platforms which could be electronic or physical. For you to be very successful in the stock market investment, you must have an investment strategy in mind. And basically what you try to observe in every stock trading is the price movements. The aim why people buy stock is to make profit. So you basically look out for when the stock is going up or when it’s on a lossing trend. It is a very volatile market and you can win very big in a moment and loss very big the following seconds.

What you should know.

  1. Ensure your risk per trade at a time is either in 1% or 5% respectively. This will help reduce danger of lossing all at a time.
  2. Do just one trade at a time. Sometimes you maybe carried away and then decides to enter the market multiple times. At any point in time avoid such urge.

So you have it. We will be going deeper with time on some major things to watchout for as an expert or newbie in this stock market Business.

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Web 1.0: Front end and back end web development, what you should know.

Web development.

By, Geofrey kenny.

When it comes to Programming, a lot of efforts and skills are involved. There have been a great shift in the way professionals who wants to take this route could navigate. And in recent times, three common career tracks is increasingly becoming the order of the day such as; front end web development, and back end web development then full stack developer.

What you should know.

Front end web development simply involves the aspect of website design that codes and creates front end elements of a website. These are those features that are directly viewable and accessible by the end-user or client. Essentially, a front end developer is responsible for everything you see and works to enhance the user experience, ensuring it is seamless and with a good layout. In a nutshell if your aim is to improve the aesthetic look of your website, then a front end developer is your go person for such job.


What are the tools to master.

As a prospective FE developer, you would be dealing with several visual components on a website as well as interactive features like navigation, buttons, or anything that enhances overall usability. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

So here are skills you must have.

A good grasp of front end programming languages. The ability to create a responsive design. A knowledge of testing and debugging. An understanding of front end development tools and features like automation, content management systems etc.

Back End Development in simple terms.

In contrast to front end development, which focuses on customer-facing products and programs, back end development addresses server-side web application logic and integration. Back end developers write code to help a database and application communicate. Essentially, a back end developer handles what you don’t see; they are in charge of the back end of a website, which includes servers, databases, and applications.


Some of the skills required for back end developer jobs include:

Database management, Framework utilization, Programming, Knowledge of accessibility and security compliance.

Back end development requires more advanced programming languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python. Etc

A full stack developer in contrast does some or all of the above. So basically he is a jack of all trade and master of all😀

So you have it up! Dive in and pursue any of these skill set it may come handy some day, you know!

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Bitcoin Not a Threat to US Dollar: Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard.

US Federal Reserve Bank

In the wake of sudden surge in the world’s flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the federal reserve President of the United States Of America has said that the global reference fiat US Dollars was not in any imminent danger. He further clarified and proposed that the frenzy would ultimately go down and things would get corrected refering to what happened prior to the second world war when many banks were issuing different kinds of US dollars.


“I just think for Fed policy, it’s going to be a dollar economy as far as the eye can see — a dollar global economy really as far as the eye can see — and whether the gold price goes up or down, or the bitcoin price goes up or down, doesn’t really affect that. Dollars can be traded electronically already, so I’m not sure that’s really the issue here”. He said.

“The issue is privately issued currency, you don’t want to go to a nonuniform currency where you’re walking into Starbucks and maybe you’ll pay with ethereum, maybe you’ll pay with ripple, maybe you’ll pay with bitcoin, maybe you’ll pay with a dollar. That isn’t how we do this. We have a uniform currency that came in at the Civil War time,” he affirmed.


What you should know.

Bullard is an economist who has been the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis since 2008. Many analysts are of the opinion that going by the recent bull run of bitcoin and high global acceptance it is currently gaining, it may not be too long we see the fall of dollars as the main global reserve currency.

What you must know.

Currently, a lot of countries are trying to find a way to end the dollar economy. One of the leading countries in this quest is China.

In Russia, gold has already exceeded the U.S. dollar in the country’s reserves as Russian President Vladimir Putin focuses on de-dollarization. This was being viewed as a big threat to US dollars. Added to the emergence of Bitcoin which is more liquid albeit very volatile, many are already seeing the future of dollars to be blinking.

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Donald J. Trump twice impeached, twice acquitted.

The 45th President of United States Of America was absolved from “insurrection indictments” trial by the Senate in what was seen as good news to his numerous supporters across the American landscape.

Donald Trump’s unprecedented second impeachment trial began on Tuesday 9 February in the Senate. He is the first US president to be impeached twice, and it is the first time an impeachment trial has been held against a former president. And also now he is the first President to be absolved in all of the two.


On 13 January, the US House of Representatives voted by 232 to 197 to impeach Trump over a claim of “incitement of insurrection” after his supporters stormed the Capitol in what was alleged to be an attempt to overturn November’s election results which has been quashed now by the upper chamber.

What you should know.

Although the final vote came in as 57 “guilty” and 43 “not guilty”, the Democrats did not reach the two-thirds majority they needed to secure a conviction. Seven members of Mr Trump’s own party (Senators Sasse, Romney, Burr, Collins, Murkowski, Toomey and Cassidy) joined Democrats on the charge of incitement.

In his defiant statement after the conclusion of Saturday’s vote, Mr Trump hinted he may return to the political spotlight.


He said: “Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun.

“In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people.”

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India Government moves to outrighly ban cryptocurrency in all ramifications in the newly proposed law.


The apex bank of india popularly called the Reserve bank of India have proposed a law which when effected would see a total ban of Cryptocurrency in india. India Government have had countless sleepless nights since the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency trading. The country had also mouthed high taxing of the digital currency even upto 18% of profit.

This latest move is coming after the Central Bank of Nigeria instructed all financial institutions in the country to block the accounts of all individuals and entities linked to cryptocurrency transactions a move which angered a lot of experts, FinTech Start-ups and investors.


What you should know.

There has been a lot of drama surrounding India’s cryptocurrency stance. In 2018, the Reserve Bank of India issued a ban on all cryptocurrency transactions. The ban was however lifted by the country’s Supreme Court in March 2020. According to some insider sources, the ban would not be imposed overnight, as in the case of Nigeria. Instead, investors would be given three to six months to liquidate their investments.

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Mr. Johann Rupert dethrones Aliko Dangote as Forbes African Richest man.

Billionaire Businessman Mr. Rupert.

The lastest Forbes African richest man ranking have seen a significant break from an almost 9 years domination by Nigerian Billionaire Aliko Dangote come to an end.

In the list released by famous magazine forbes, Mr. Aliko Dangote reign was halted by the emergence of South Africa business mogul Mr. Rupert.

Rupert is the chairman of Swiss-based luxury goods company Richemont and South African company Remgro, Richemont’s brands include Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Piaget. Rupert was born into wealth – the family fortune started with his father Anton, who dropped out of medical school because he couldn’t afford the tuition, and with 10 pounds he and two investors started making cigarettes in his garage.


This small enterprise grew into the tobacco and industrial conglomerate Rembrandt Group. However, Johann didn’t want it to be taken for granted that he would step in and run the company his father started, so he set out to make his fortune on his own terms. So while Rupert did inherit quite a fortune, for all intents and purposes, he is a self-made billionaire too, because his fortune was earned in a very separate way from his father’s, by diversifying and changing the focus of the family business. The companies have seen a tremendous growth over the years into a Billion dollars conglomerate.


Mr. Aliko Dangote current networth is at $7Billion USD. While Mr. Rupert networth is valued at $7.3 Billion USD.

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I sold all of my crypto in 2015 after I was laid off from a job : DOGE coin co-founder Mr. Billy Markus.


The cofounder and owner of the fast rising cryptocurrency Dogecoin has said that he was forced to let go all his coins after he was sacked by his employer in 2015. He made this statement after he was asked about his opinion in the recent surge of the cryptocurrency that was widely regarded as a Meme and started like a joke.


“People are talking about Dogecoin going to $1 – that would make the ‘market cap’ larger than actual companies that provide services to millions, such as Boeing, Starbucks, American Express, IBM. Does Dogecoin deserve that? That is not something I can comprehend, let alone answer. It went from a silly joke to something worth something to people very quickly, and a community was developing fast, with lots of shady people and lots of new people, quickly putting up services and infrastructure around it,” Markus said.

Markus quickly added, “I don’t currently own any Dogecoin except what has been tipped to me recently. I gave away and/or sold all the crypto I had back in 2015 after being laid off and scared about my dwindling savings at the time, for about enough in total to buy a used Honda Civic.”

What you should know.

Dogecoin is one of the most volatile cryptocurrency and has recently provoked tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Billionaire investor Mark Cuban which aided the current surge.


What you must know.

Just like bitcoin, Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer, open-source cryptocurrency. Dogecoin trades under the ticker symbol “DOGE” and features the face of the shiba inu from the popular Doge meme as its logo. The currency have gone up in value and reached an all time gain of about 2,327% in the past 3 months.

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