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How to create an award winning assay. One of the major headache for most literary writers who are still learning the rope of this great adventure is knowing how to win an essay competition.

Experience has proven that most award winning Author are also great assay writers. Here I will be showing you 15 easy ways to win any essay competition. Ensure you follow the outlined patterns and you will be successful.

  1. Adhere to instructions.
  2. Start to writing on time. ( Ensure you write a very solid introduction)
  3. Proper research is very important ( Make use of the internet, library, and ensure you put together quality references)
  4. Pick up works related to the topic you’re writing on.
  5. Outlining: Ensure proper outlining is made. This is simply listing of the important points that will form the topic paragraph. Any assay without proper outline will not win in any contest.
  6. Grammatical accuracy: Avoid the use of jargon. You can use grammar checker ( Download it using #ask.com or google)
  7. Proper paragraphing: Any paragraph must have a topic sentence. Any assay without a good paragraph is like a vehicle without a break.
  8. Confidence: Have confidence you will win the essay. Fear achieves nothing. Don’t entertain any form of doubt.
  9. Description: Writing in an essay competition requires thorough details. Explain topic you are writing on as much as possible. Essay competition requires total description of the principal points. N.B. This is where the judges focus on.
  10. Suitable font size: This is for essay that requires typing. Always adhere to either 12 or 14 font size.
  11. Proofreading: read your write up over and over again. Lecturers can help you to fine tone your Work or even a fellow student or colleague.
  12. Proper Referencing: This is very good and ensure the sources of your references are trusted. also ensure that it suits the topic under discussion.
  13. Be selective in the type of easy you enter.
  14. Always review the essay that has won award beforehand.
  15. Never give up if you fail write again …..Here is the End!!! Good luck and happy writing.

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